Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NL Central: Chicago Cubs Offseason in Review...

Sorry about doing this later than expected, I was sick yesterday and went to bed. First up in mu week long of series; Chicago Cubs offseason in review. They are not in order from dates that they happen. I will grade the move by posting a win, even or loss by the move:

Traded OF Milton Bradley to the Seattle Mariners for P Carlos Silva. At least they got something for Bradley who was a distraction in the clubhouse, also Larry Rothchild found something wrong with Silva already and hope that helps. Even!

Traded RP Aaron Heilman to the Arizona Diamondbacks for 2 prospects. This was a good trade for the Cubs because Heilman was expected to be non-tender and they at least got something in return for him. Win!

Traded IF Aaron Miles, U Jake Fox and 1 million to the Oakland Athletics for Jeff Gray and 2 other prospects. This was a good trade for Cubs because Miles was a waist of money and the Cubs save 1 million on him. And Jake Fox is more of an AL player with the DH. The Cubs actually got pretty good players in return for not so great players. Win!

Cubs sign RP John Grabow to a 2 year contract worth 7.5 million. They might of payed a little to much but where do you see a lefty set-up man now. Loss because of contract but barely!

Sign OF Marlon Byrd to a 3 year contract worth 15 million to be there starting CF in 2010. I like how they got the backloaded contract but do not like the years at all, for that reason I don't like the signing as much. Loss!

Sign OF Xavier Nady to a 1 year contract worth 3.3 million, plus 2 million in incentives of how many games played. I do like the signing because if Nady comes off the surgery and play like he did once before, this move helps the Cubs. Win!

Sign U Chad Tracy to a minor league deal. I love this move, Tracy has a lot of upside. Win!

Sign 1B Kevin Millar to a minor league contract. I do not think he will make the team and will eventually be release because that is in his contract. Because of just being a minor league contract, I can't say much. Even!

So going through it, I have 4 wins, 2 evens and 2 losses, So not to bad to a quite offseason. I will have the St. Louis Cardinals offseason in review tonight if everything goes right.

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