Sunday, February 7, 2010

Upcoming Week Ahead for Blog...

Since the rumors are slow and with Catchers and Pitchers meeting in like 2 weeks, I am going to have a rundown of every team in the NL Central counting the Cubs. This will be recapping there offseason, 1 team a day.

This will start tomorrow, upcoming schedule of when I will do each team:
Monday: Chicago Cubs
Tuesday: St. Louis Cardinals
Wednesday: Cincinatti Reds
Thursday: Milwaukee Brewers
Friday: Houston Astros
Saturday: Pittsburgh Pirates

I will be on schedule and have this on there perspctive day. If something does in fact break on Cubs like a rumor or a note. I will have that on the top with the recapping of that team below it.

So I will keep you updated on rumors if any at all. I will probably do the recapping of offseasons at night time.

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