Thursday, February 11, 2010

NL Central: Cincinatti Reds Offseason in Review...

Next up in my week long of series is the Cincinnati Reds Offseason in Review. Again like I have been doing; is grading the move according to my opinion, at the end of the move I will have a Win, Even or a Loss.

Signed SS Olando Cabrera to a 1 year deal worth 3.02 million. This move is a good move for the Reds, they needed a SS and got one for a cheap price. Cabrera is usually looking for 5 million but the reds some how got him for that price. Olando brings pretty good defense and can get on back. He also has little speed to swipe a base once in a wild. Win!

Signed 21 year old P Cuban Defector Ardolis Chapman to a 6 year contract worth 30.25 million. I can't really grade this move because he has never pitch in the majors before. But I can say 3o million to a guy who has commands issues could be to much. He does throw 120mph as a left where you don't see that now. If he gets his commands issues straighten, he can be a good major league pitcher. Even due to I have no clue what he will bring!

Traded CF Willie Taveras and 3B Adam Rosales to the Oakland Athletics for U Aaron Miles and a PTBNL. Where to start I hate this move because Miles is in it. I also think Taveras was a good defender and good speed off the bench. I also thought Rosales was a backup and he is getting replace with Miles, Rosales is better. But I guess it depends on the PTBNL. Loss!

So this is highlighting the big moves the reds have made this offseason. When I grade it up, they have 1 of each Win, Even and Loss. Tomorrow I will have the recapping of the Houston Astros offseason.

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