Saturday, February 13, 2010

NL Central: Pirates Recapping of Offseason...

Well this should be a fast recapping when they only sign relief pitchers and acquire a 2B. Like always I will have Win, Even and Loss. Since they sign 3 RP, I am going to have it in 1 paragraph.

Signed RP Brendan Donnely to a 1 year contract worth 1.35 million. This is not a big signing but a useful signing and pretty cheap. Sign RP Octavio Dotel to a 1 year deal worth 3.5 million. I really don't like the move because Dotel ain't to great as I saw him for the White Sox but still got him for a goood price. Sign RP Jaiver Lopez to a 1 year deal, terms undisclosed. I can't really say much about this because of the money not mention but probably got him for a good price.

Signed OF Ryan Church to a 1 year deal worth 1.5 million. I actually like Church for some reason and I love this signing too. I think he will help when all said and done. Signed 1B Bobby Crosby to a 1 year deal worth 1 million. He is not great after dealing with injuries and all other things. But for 1 million he was a bargain and I like it.

Acquire 2B Akinori Iwamura from the Tampa Bay Rays for RP Jesse Chavez. I like the trades for the Pirates and the Rays. The Pirated need a 2B for there younger players to get ready again. He is not that bad and only give up a average RP not bad. The Rays need to cut budget and this trade helps them to.

My week long series recapping of the offseason concludes today. Instead of writing Win next to all them, I will say it here. All the moves got a Win in my opinion. Tomorrow I will start a new series and mention it tomorrow.

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