Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5/13 Notes

When Zambrano returns, Wells will still be on the team either in the bullpen or the starting rotation. Marshall and Wells will pitch this week and who ever does better will be the fifth starter and the other one will go to the bullpen. I say put Wells in the fifth spot, in the rotation and put Marshall in the bullpen so Hendry can release or trade Cotts.

Also the league is looking at when Dempster threw the ball at Ryan Braun's head in the past Milwaukee series. I have no clue why they will be looking at the call because Braun did nothing before that at bat and it was a pitch that got away from Dempster, Dempster said it was a pitch to move him from the plate. Another reason this makes no sense because when the Cubs played the St. Louis Cardinals in the past series Alfonso Soriano got hit in the head and in a bat before Soriano hit a home run.

I will keep you posted.

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  1. Braun hit a mamouth game winning two run homer in the 8th inning the game before.

    The Cubs didn't like Braun's hotdog homerun trot.

    The first couple of times Braun came to the plate the next night, there were runners already on base. Can't hit him then.

    The first time he comes up with no runners on... a fastball just happens to buzz his head.

    So yeah, he was throwing at him.