Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update On Ramirez and Zambrano

On Saturday or Sunday, Zambrano will make a rehab start for Daytona Cubs. I will imagine that the Cubs are looking for a return for Zambrano in about a week.

Aramis Ramirez told Bruce Levine the rehap on his shoulder will take 6 weeks. if not longer. Levine keeps mentioning that the shoulder may require suergery at the end of the season. The Cubs may be looking for a power third baseman or who can make contact and get on base because the guys on Baseball Tonight said he swing will take a while to get back.

My trade proposal: Trade Lee and Cotts (Just to give rid of him) for Figgins and another player.

The Cubs then put Figgins at second, move Fontenot back to the utility roll (where he is better at), trade Miles for a PTBNL and then use Scales as a backup infielder with Freel (Who is also the fifth outfielder and pinch runner).

What do you think, just leave a comment of what you think of it.

I will keep you posted on everything Cubs.

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