Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I think the Cubs Should Do......

I think the Cubs need to see what they can get for Aaron Miles and Mike Fontenot in a trade. They have Bobby Scales who is producing more than Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles. I say the Cubs look at 31 year old IF Christian Guzman, who is batting 373 right now.

The Cubs also need to see what the can get for Triple A standout Jake Fox. Teams that might be interested- Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers and any AL Team that needs a bench player or a DH.

I also think the Cubs need to see what they can get for P Randy Wells, when he still pitches good and allows no runs. If the Cubs want back Mark Derosa, that is a player they will have to give up. In my opinion I will not do that, Derosa is only batting 240.

The Cubs also have to see if they can get any players for pitchers Aaron Heilman, Neal Cotts or Kevin Gregg. I think the Cubs can get players for them because a lot of clubs are desperate of pitching.

If that stuff happens and get good players in return, the Cubs will turn there season around.

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  1. The Jury is still out on Scales, it is hard to judge after only two weeks.

    But fontenot and miles should be on the block.