Saturday, May 23, 2009

If I was Jim Hendry, What I would do...

I will trade for Peavy because Marshall needs to go to the bullpen and the health of the rotation is unclear, as if they can stay healthy:
Cubs get Jake Peavy (they need to get his contract out of their hand)
Padres get Jeff Stevens Randy Wells Welmington Castilla Kevin Hart.

Trade Mike Fontenot to the Mets:
Mets get Mike Fontenot
Cubs get Manuel Mayorson (minor league shortstop, who can play second), Jay Buente (Minor league pitcher)

Trade Aaron Heilman to the Yankees:
Cubs get Mark Melancon J.B. Cox (minor league pitchers)
Yankees get Aaron Heilman (they need relief pitching)

Trade Neal Cotts to the Indians:
Cubs get a PTBNL
Indians get Neal Cotts

Trade Jake Fox to the Red Sox
Cubs get Clay Bucholtz
Red Sox get Jake Fox Aaron Shafer

DFA David Patton and bring him back to the Rockies.

Starting Rotation:
Big Z
Jake Peavy
Ted Lilly
Ryan Dempster
Rich Harden

Closer Kevin Gregg (we know Pinella is not going to take him out)
Set up Carlos Marmol
7th inning Angel Guzman
Long relief for lefty Sean Marshall
Long relief for righties Jose Ascaino
Righty Clay Bucholtz (got him from Red sox)
Righty Jeff Samardzija (call him up from Iowa)

Starting Lineup with positions when Ramirez gets returns:
Soriano 2B (how bad can he play second, he is not good in left either)
Fukudome CF
Hoffpauir LF
Ramirez 3B
Lee 1B
Bradley RF
Soto C
Theriot SS

Bobby Scales (backup to 3B, 2B)
Koyie Hill (backup to C)
Ryan Freel (backup to 3B, OF)
Reed Johnson (backup to OF)
Aaron Miles (backup to SS, 2B) need him because he can backup short.

I know all that won't happen but I think that will make the Cubs a better team.


  1. I like some of the suggestions that you have made, but you are not overing near enough to intice the Red Sox to give up Bucholtz or for the PAdres to give up Peavy.

  2. Well I like the moves, But I don't like the Sori to second. Not for his defense but for injury wise. Think about it if he got injured 3 times in the outfield due to his legs. Second would be more of injury risk, on double plays when runners come barreling into second to try to take out the 2B throwing the ball.

    The cubs need to be looking for another bat. 3B/2B type

    the list right now probably includes

    1. Derosa
    2. Adrian Beltre
    3. Garret Atkins