Thursday, May 21, 2009

White Sox, Padres Talking Jake Peavy Trade, Breaking News

Breaking News-Update 5:45: According to some reports, Jake Peavy turn down the White Sox offer and is still a San Diego Padre.

Update 9:45: Jon Heyman says the White Sox and Padres have agreed to a Peavy trade, and await Peavy's approval.'s Corey Brock agrees. Ken Williams, always operating under the radar. Now we get to see just how much Peavy hates the AL.

Peavy is owed an additional $8.35MM this year, $15MM in '10, $16MM in '11, $17MM in '12, and a $4MM buyout for '13. Total: $60.35MM guaranteed through 2012. It is surprising to see the White Sox willing to take on such a commitment to a pitcher.

Via Gonzales on Twitter: "Waiting for approval from Peavy on SD trade, according to source."

Well that stinks, I still think Jake Peavy is making a mistake and his stats will still decline. The ownership also screwerd us, if the Cubs had a owners, Peavy will be a Cub instead of a White Sox.

According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Padres are in discussions to send Jake Peavy to the White Sox.

"According to Padres personnel, Peavy met with Padres manager Bud Black late Wednesday night to discuss a trade overture from the Sox:.

It is apparently a four-player offer. Jake Peavy will have to accept a trade to go to a team and he said, it is something to think about. Also Krasovic says Peavy "may have reservations about pitching for Ozzie Guillen."

Corey Brock of ask Peavy about the rumor and he said "I only know what you guys know, Peavy was talking about the media.

Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune, says scouts from the Padres were at the White Sox games last weekend in Toronto.

SI's Jon Heyman still believes Jake Peavy prefers to stay in the NL. Heyman also mentions he still likes the Cubs or Brewers as teams he will be traded to.

It is believed to be the Padres will ask for 1 of their top pitching prospects ans 1 could be Aaron Poreda, other players that might be included are pitchers Gavin Floyd or John Danks, and a centerfield or second baseman (they have a lot of those 2 positions).

If I was Jake Peavy, I will not go to the Chicago White Sox because they have no offense, will have no run support and I don't think they will make the playoffs. Its like being a Padre, no run support and no playoffs.

I still think the Padres should wait until the ownership for the Cubs is settle because I think they can get a better package that includes top prospect 3B Josh Vitters who is lighting up Single A ball right now, Jeff Stevens who is pitching really good in Triple A with a era in the 2's, Randy Wells or Sean Marshall who both can pitch in the rotation and out of the bullpen and a outfielder Brad Snyder, Jason Duboise. I don't think Jake Fox is a good fit for them because they have 2 third basemans and want someone who can field. I still think Jake Fox will be trade to a AL club who need a bench player or a DH, some time in the future.

I really hope this does not happens, but if it does, Jim Hendry will have to look a different direction.

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