Monday, May 25, 2009

More Players the Cubs are Interested in...

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs might be interested in 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff. The Sun-Times also says the Cubs might just be willing to use Miles, Scales or Fontenot at third until Ramirez comes back from injury.

According to Hot Stove Cubbies, the Cubs are also interested in infielders Jorge Cantu and Dan Uggla. These 2 players will cost more than Kevin but are way better. If I had to chose from out of these 3 players, I will chose Cantu because he can hit better and is younger than Kevin and Uggla. Cantu can also play third, first and second and probably can play short if needed.

Stats for those 3 players, so far this year:

Kevin Kouzmanoff in 28 years old and has a 236 batting average with 4 home runs, 16 rbis, 7 walks and struck out 37 times.

Jorge Cantu is 27 years old and has a 276 batting average with 8 home runs, 35 rbis, 11 walks and 23 strikeouts.

Dan Uggla is 29 years old and has a 205 batting average with 8 home runs, 30 rbis, 26 walks and struck out 38 times.

Trade proposal for Jorge Cantu:
Cubs get Jorge Cantu
Marlins get Mike Fontenot, Jake Fox and a minor league pitcher.

I will keep you posted as the rumors keep on coming.


  1. Well I just had an email conversation with Gordon wittenmyer, and he said that if the asking price isn't high for Uggla,Cantu,or Kouzmanoff, that hendry will strike and make a deal.

  2. Do you believe him and does he know what he is saying.

    What is his email, I have Jon Heymans if you want his?


    I do belive him, I honestly think the cubs will make a move soon

    actually have heymans too, but thanks for offering