Saturday, September 26, 2009

2 more Places Bradley Could End Up...

Yesterday GM Kevin Towers of the Padres mention that he will be interested in reacquiring outfielder Milton Bradley. Bradley who is having a miserable year will most likely be the first Cub to be trades. Towers said Bradley left on a good note and was playing good before he injured his knee. Towers also mention a couple day ago he will like to add a corner outfielder this offseason.

That was 1 of many teams that Bradley left on a good note.

It was reported today that the Giants could be in the mix for disgruntled outfielder Milton Bradley. In the same report he said you may see a Bradley for Rowand trade of bad contracts. After the season Bradley will will have 2 years and 21 million left on his contract while Rowand will have 3 years and 36 million on his contract.

Rowand who is having a bad season in a pitching friendly ball park will bring good out play in the defense and a clubhouse guy.

Giants Proposal:

Cubs get Aaron Rowand and salary that will off match the contracts
Giants get Milton Braldey
Verdict: If Hendry can get that trade I would do it but the thing I don't like is he has 1 more year than Bradley and the younger players in the minors will have to wait longer.


Cubs get 2 prospects from the Giants farm system
Giants get Milton Bradley and most of his contract
Verdict: I think the Giants may do this because there RF Winn is getting old and they will barely pay any of Bradley's contract.

Padres Proposal:

Cubs get Brian Giles and a prospect
Padres get Milton Bradley and most of his contract
Verdict: I say no because Giles is old and he is having trouble this year, also he has a no trade cause which he will most likley veto to come to the Cubs.


Cubs get 2 prospects from there farm system
Padres get Milton Bradley and most of his contract
Verdict: I will do that because that will restock there farm system and they need to give Bradley away from there clubhouse.

So far that is 3 teams that will have interest in Bradley this offseason, Rangers, and now Padres and Giants.

I will keep you posted.

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