Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jim Hendry Recent Trades...

The trades will be from the offseason and this year:

1) Cubs traded Jose Ascaino, Kevin Hart and a prospect for Jonh Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny of the Pirates
Verdict: I say the Cubs win by a pretty good amount because Gorzelanny and Grabow come in and get outs while Ascaino and Hart are struggling with the Pirates.

2) Cubs traded a prospect for Jeff Baker of the Rockies.
Verdict: I say the Cubs win big because Baker is hitting the crap out of the ball and the Rockies got a player who is 24 and only in Single A.

3) Cubs traded Ryan Freel for a PTBNL of the Royals.
Verdict: I say the Cubs win because the Cubs got a player in return when he was going to be release and the Royals eventually released Freel.

4) The Cubs traded Joey Gathright for Ryan Freel of the Orioles.
Verdict: The Cubs lose because Ryan Freel was traded to the Royals and they lost a good pinch runner off the bench.

5) The Cubs Traded Rich Hill for a PTBNL of the Orioles.
Verdict: As of right now the Cubs win because they at least got a player in return because Hill is done for the season and he would of been in Triple A.

6) The Cubs traded Michael Wuertz for Richie Robnett and Justin Sellers of the Athletics.
Verdict: I say the Cubs lose because Richie Robnett was released in the minor league and Wuertz is putting up pretty good numbers for the Athletics.

7) The Cubs traded Jason Marquis for Luis Vizcaino of the Rockies.
Verdict: The Cubs lose big because they lost a good hitting pitcher and Marquis is putting up pretty good numbers. Also the Cubs release Luis Vizcaino out of spring training.

8) The Cubs traded Felix Pie for Garrett Olson and Henry Williamson of the Orioles.
Verdict: I say the Cubs lose pretty good because Olsen was eventually traded and Pie is doing pretty good in the outfielder for the Orioles. Also he had good speed off the bench.

9) The Cubs trade Garrett Olsen and Ronny Cedeno for Aaron Heilman of the Mariners.
Verdict: I say the Cubs lose again because Heilman is not really helping the club and the other 2 might be better off the bench or in the bullpen. Also Heilman probably won't be back next season.

10) The Cubs traded Mark Derosa for Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer and John Gaub of the Indians.
Verdict: I say the Cubs won the trade from the Indians because they got 2 pitchers in Stevens and Gaub who are impressing in the minor leagues because the Indians trade Derosa to the Cardinals for just 1 player. All together I say the Cubs lost because Ramirez went down and they had no backup third baseman, that is where Derosa would of cam in and help the Cubs in a big way but they did get good young pitchers.

That were the trades over from the off season and this year.

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