Monday, September 14, 2009

Bradley and Zambrano Could be Traded...

Bruce Levine stated that the Cubs will most likely put Milton Bradley and Carlos Zambrano on the trade block and look to trade them this offseason. Bob Nightengale from USA Today said he could see a trade to the Texas Rangers while the Cubs pay most of his contract.

Ken Rosenthal mention a couple days ago that the Cubs could trade Carlos Zambrano.

If the Cubs do trade pitcher Carlos Zambrano they better not pay any of his contract and get good young players or major league ready players that are young, So if the Cubs do trade him and pay none of his contract, they will have money to pay for guys like Marco Scutaro or Chone Figgins.

If the Cubs do trade outfielder Milton Bradley they better get 2 good players in return if there going to pay most of his contract.

More top players that you wouldn't expect to be traded this offseason but could:

Ryan Theriot (Bad Defense)
Derrek Lee (Age)
Milton Bradley (Comments he has said)
Carlos Zambrano (Head Issues)

Tomorrow I will have what teams could be interested and some proposals:

Other Notes:

Alfonso Soriano will have season ending knee surgery this week.

I will keep you posted.

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