Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Will the Cubs Pursue Yusei Kikuchi if he Chooses MLB...

Will the Cubs pursue Yusei Kikuchi who is an 18 year old left handed pitcher in high school, if he chooses to go the the MLB and instead of entering the draft in Japan. Kikuchi is projected to go number 1 overall on the Japan draft. He will be the first Japan player to bypass the Japan draft and sign with a MLB team.

Yusei Kikuchi is expected to have a decision between the MLB or Japan this week. His high school coach said Kikuchi is at a 50-50 choice of where to play.

Dittimier of MLB.com reports that 10 teams scouted him including the Cubs.

Kikuchi throws his fastball from the highs 80's to the low 90's and his breaking ball from the low 70's to the mid to upper 70's.

Here is a video of Yusei Kikuchi.

That would be a nice addition to the Cubs farm system that is bad but I think it is underrated.

I will keep you posted.

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