Thursday, September 24, 2009

Milton Bradley Saga...

We all know Bradley was suspended and now here is the latest:

Milton Bradley's apology:

I chose Chicago as a free agent because I wanted to be part of finally bringing a championship to Chicago's fans. I expected to have a great season, and I am deeply disappointed by my performance and the team's struggles.

I played every game with everything that I had and wanted desperately to win. My frustration and disappointment boiled over, and I said and did certain things that I regret. In hindsight, I wish that I handled certain things differently, and I apologize for those things that did not work out for the better.

The air has been cleared, and we all want to move on and look forward to better days."

Jason Stark mentions the Cubs will likely try to move Milton Bradley for another problem player this offseason.

Ken Rosenthal states the Cubs have reached a resolution with Bradley. He'll be paid for the final two weeks of the season and, in turn, the MLBPA will not file a grievance.

Paul Sullivan reported that the Cubs have not file the suspension and so the MLBPA can not file a grievance against the Cubs. It is just an agreement between Bradley and the Cubs that he will not play the rest of the year.

I will keep you posted as if the saga continues.

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