Sunday, September 27, 2009

Teams Lining up for Bradley..

You might not believe this but Milton Bradley has a market with teams already know Rangers, Padres, Giants, Mets. Now 2 more teams add the list, the teams being the Rays and Blue Jays.

Yesterday I had trade proposals for the Giants and Padres.
Here is a Texas Rangers proposal that I did a couple days ago.
Here is a Mets Proposal that I did about a week ago.

Rays proposal:

Cubs get pat Burrell
Rays get Milton Bradley and some money to cross out the salary.
Verdict: Bruce Levine reported yesterday that the Rays are the frontrunner's to land Bradley and most likely would ship Burrell over for Bradley. I would not do that because Burrell is a DH and we already have a DH in Soriano and Burrell is having a miserable year. If Hendry does that he would have to ask for another player along with Burrell.


Cubs get prospects
Rays get Milton Bradley and salary of Bradley's contract

Blue Jays proposal:

Cubs get Vernon Wells and salary to finish is contract
Blue Jays get Milton Bradley
Verdict: I would not do this because he is not really hitting and he still have more years on his contract and that will delay the Cubs for bringing up younger players.


Cubs get prospects
Blue Jays get Milton Bradley and salary

Other Notes:

Congratulations to the Cardinals for clinching the NL Central yesterday by beating the Rockies yesterday.

Since the Cubs suspended (not officially) Milton Bradley, they are 6-1 and took the first 3 of 4 from the Giants.

I will keep you posted.

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