Monday, September 28, 2009

Rumors Keep on Rolling...

As the season comes to end, lets see the rumors:

Reports over the weekend indicated the Ricketts Family could take control of the team before the end of October, which is two or three weeks earlier than first thought. Dave Kaplan said his sources mentioned an October 26 date while Bruce Levine is hearing eleven days earlier October 15.

Phil Rodgers is hearing from both the Sox and Cubs officials that you may see a Carlos Zambrano for Jake Peavy.

Carlos Zambrano also mention he may retire next year if he puts up the same numbers he did this year, Zambrano said:

"It's been a disappointing season," he replied. "People say, 'Why can't you pitch like that all the time?' It's not all the time I feel like that.""Look, this is the only season I haven't won 16 or 18 or 14 games," he said. "If it happens again next season, two seasons in a row, I'll quit. Believe me, I'll quit. I just have to put this behind me

Don't look for pitcher Rich Harden to be back with the club next year because after the lost to the Ginats yesterday, Lou Pinella talk about the 2010 rotation. Lou Pinella went on saying:

"You look at our starting pitching here for next year," Piniella said. "You've got (Carlos) Zambrano, you've got (Ryan) Dempster, you've got (Randy) Wells, you've got (Ted) Lilly, you've got (Tom) Gorzelanny, and you've got (Jeff) Samardzija...And if this kid keeps improving, he'll be right in the mix. So we've got six nice arms."

For the last rumor that I heard so far, if the Cubs can not sign IF Chone Figgins or the numbers in money wise get out of hand the Cubs will go after 2B Olando Hudson as plan B.

If I hear any more I will keep you updated.

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