Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mark Derosa is Open to Returning to the North Side...

Mark Derosa talked to Gordon Wittnymer yesterday about a possible return to Chicago and Derosa said:

Derosa said he will listen (Cubs) who was shock and saddened by the traded to Cleveland.

The Cubs traded Derosa to the Indians for Jeff Stevens, John Gaub and another player on New Years Eve and then a couple months ago Derosa was traded to the Cubs rival Cardinals for RP Chris Ray.

The Cubs said they had to trade Derosa 5 million contract to sign Milton Bradley that has not work out and he might be on his way out this offseason. Right after the Cubs trade Derosa they signed a utility even man Aaron Miles who was supposed to be a Dersa type and has not even been close to that. This trade really hurt because they had no backup 3B when Aramis Ramirez went down for 50 games with a dislocated shoulder.

As of right now I say Mark Derosa is pretty much a plan C guy because he is getting up there in age being 35, he will probably come behind Chone Figgins and maybe Marco Scutaro.

So will we see Derosa back in Cubbie blue next year, we onlyhave to wait and see.

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