Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Awards in Presesason So Far, Battles Update

This is only for players that are going to make the team:

MVP: Milton Bradley
CY: Carlos Zambrano
Speedster (stolen bases): Joey Gathright
Come Alive Player: Micah Hoffpauir
LVP In Hitting: Derek Lee (he was injure and now he is starting to hit the ball)
LVP in Pitching: Chad Gaudin
Outstanding players with the bat: Jake Fox, Bobby Scales, Andres Blanco (If Ramirez gets injure you could see Fox or Scales get call up)
Outstanding players that pitch: David Patton, Waddell, Ascaino (If Guzman, Gaudin, or Vizcaino get traded or released, you could see them get called up)


Catcher: Paul Bako vs Koyie Hill
Paul Bako is playing better than Koyie Hill as of right now. I think if Lou Pinella wants a veteran behind the plate like what Henry Blanco was, he will go with Bako but if he wants to give Hill a chance and let him show what he can do, Hill will be the catcher.
I give the edge to Koyie Hill.

Closer: Kevin Gregg vs Carlos Marmol
Kevin Gregg has not given up a run in spring training yet and has the experience at closer. Carlos Marmol is one of the best setup men in baseball and can get outs any way at possible.
I give the edge to Kevin Gregg

That is what I think of spring training and I will keep you updated.

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