Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday News

Lou Pinella said that Mike Fontenot has one the starting job over Aaron Miles.

He also said if the spring ended the stating lineup would be:

1 Alfonso Soriano
2 Kosuke Fukudome
3 Derek lee
4 Milton Bradley
5 Aramis Ramirez
6 Mike Fontrnot
7 Geovany Soto
8 Ryan Theriot
9 Carlos Zambrano

Kevin Gregg was asked about closing games and he said he would love to close games for Lou Pinella.

According to, Corey Koskie passed the physical and workout with the Cubs on Saturday mourning.

Lou Pinella is leaning toward picking Sean Marshall and Lou Pinella said he would like Aaron Heilman in the 7th inning.

According to the Tribune, the next cuts are coming on Monday with at least 8 people.

According to Bruce Miles Angel Guzman is unliely to make the team on opeining day. Guzman is out of options, the Cubs will have to trade him or risk losing their one-time top-pitching prospect for nothing.

I will keep you posted on the latest Cubs news.

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