Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hot Stove Cubbie News and Spring Training Battle Updates

This is news from Hot Stove Cubbies:

It says the Cubs are interested in RP left-hander Joe Beimel, IF Bobby Crosby and U Ryan Raburn.

Joe Beimel would be a good addition because he is a lefty that would come cheaper now with the market being slow. Also if Marshall becomes the fifth starter Beimel is better that Cotts who is going to make the bullpen as a lefty and Ken Kadokura and Mike Stanton showed the Cubs nothing. The only bad part is he is a type B free agent and the Cubs will have to give a draft pick up for him unless they do a sign and trade.

Bobby Crosby would be good for the 25th man on the team and for depth on the roster. The Athletics are probably going to try to trade him now due because they just signed Olando Cabrera and Nomar Garciaparra. He is not that good of a player when looking at his AVG and OBP but will be good help only if he comes cheap. I think he will come cheap due to him being injury prone and they have enough infielders with the additions of Cabrera and Garciaparra.

Ryan Raburn is young who can play any positions and who can be there ideal pinch runner. He can come cheap because he has no where to start right now for any team. Raburn been on the Cubs list for a long time. He would also come cheap due to the economy being bad and people don't want to give him money as a backup.

Spring Training Battle Update:

5th starter job is between Aaron Heilman, Sean Marshall, Chad Gaudin and Jeff Samardzija.
I am giving the edge to Aaron Heilman because he threw a scoreless 2 inning in his first game while striking out 4.

Closer spot is between Carlos Marmol and Kevin Gregg.
I am giving the edge to no body due to them both throwing scoreless innings and it will come down to the last week of spring training.

2nd base position is between Aaron Miles and Mike Fontenot.
I am giving the edge to Mike Fontenot because he is playing better and Pinella wants to give Fontenot a chance.

25th man on Bench is between Jake Fox (can play third base and first base) and Micah Hoffpauir.
I am givind the edge to Hoffpauir because he is hitting lights out. The Cubs are also thinking of going with a 6th man bench which I think Fox should make it. Unless the Cubs add someone that can compete with them.

Bachup catcher is between Paul Bako and Koyie Hill.
I am giving the edge to Koyie Hill because I think he is just out playing Paul Bako.

I will keep you posted on the spring training battle and other news.

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  1. Thanks for giving me credit on the story Waldo! There is numerous sites today taking the credit for this rumor when I was the first to post it!