Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Luis Vizcaino and Bobby Crosby.

According to a report from the Tribune, Luis Vizcaino is in the most danger of losing his spot in the bullpen. Lou Pinella told the Mainstream Media on Monday, that one of the locks could pitch them out of a spot.

Pinella's quote from the Tribune ""We're going to take the pitchers that are pitching the best here. I think it's probably going to be harder to earn a spot, and easier to lose it."

The Tribune also mentioned that the Cubs might explore a trade for Oakland A's shortstop Bobby Crosby which could include Vizcaino and a prospect. The A's probably want to dump Crosby due to he has no where on the team. Crosby already said he wants a starting job and the Cubs don't have that.

Paul Sullivan reported that it will be hard to trade Luis Vizcaino due to his contract. Vizcaino is owed 3.5 million this year with a 500.000 buyout on a 4 million club option for 2010.

If Vizcaino is traded it could open spots for Jeff Samardzija and guys like Jason Waddell could be battling for the last bullpen spot according to the Tribune.

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