Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 Players to Watch for in 2010...

These players will be major league players:

1) SP Carlos Zambrano: Will Big Z be immature this year or be a more calm Big Z? Coming into spring training, he said he will keep his emotions to himself. Zambrano is a big key to the Cubs success in the 2010 season after only winning 9 games in the 2009 season. Zambrano has change his pitches this year and is trying to work with a new method. So he can win more games and strike out more batters. I expect Zambrano to have a bounce back year by winning 18 games and posting a 3.66 era.

2) 3B Aramis Ramirez: Will Ramirez stay healthy during the 2010 campaign or re-injure his shoulder? Since he decided not to get surgery on his shoulder, he is more gullible to injuring it again. If he makes a dive, he has a really good chance to injure the shoulder again. But I expect him to be fine during the 2010 season. The Cubs need his big bat during the season if they want to go back to the playoffs. I say he will hit 29hr, 114 rbi and bat .306 and play 144 games.

3) LF Alfonso Soriano: Will Soriano recover from his knee surgery and produce way better in 2010? I say yes, he kind of has to. He will not bat leadoff all year and will stay in the 6th hole to drive in runs. Like last year, I think he was not hitting because of his knee injury but with his knee being fixed, I hope it will help. I say it will help and he will get back to hitting home runs. I say he will hit 33hr, 99rbi and bat .269 in 127 games.

Thoughts on the 3 key players that need to be big for the Cubs in 2010?

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