Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trade Scenario: Cubs, M's...em out good,

This is not real and just a trade that could help both teams.

Cubs get: Player To Be Named Later.

M's get: 2B Mike Fontenot.

Reason for trade for the Cubs: Every Cubs fan would like to see 20 year old SS Starlin Castro make the team along with me. If the Cubs trade Mike Fontenot, this can open up a opportunity for him to start. You move Theriot to 2nd where I think he would play way better defence and put up the same numbers as he always does on offence. Then you can insert Castro right in as the starting SS and Baker would be the primarily utility guy.

Reason for trade for M's: Fontenot would be a perfect fit for the utility role. When he was the Cubs utility guy 2 years ago, he was the best at it. He also plays pretty good defence, above average. He would help the M's out good by backing up Figgins and Lopez. Now he can be more attractable because he can play short now.

If the M's are not open to a trade for him. This can work for any team that is in need of a utility guy.

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