Monday, April 19, 2010

My Thoughts on Lefty Lineup...

As you already know, Lou Pinella change the lineup against lefties. If you missed it, here is the lineup:

1) CF Marlon Byrd
2) 2B Jeff Baker
3) 1B Derrek Lee
4) RF Xavier Nady
5) 3B Aramis Ramirez
6) LF Alfonso Soriano
7) C Geovany Soto
8) SS Ryan Theriot
9) P Pitcher

My thoughts:

1) Marlon Byrd is not your ideal #1 hitter but he is hitting the ball lately so this could be a good way to jump start the offence. Theriot was not getting on base lately. The ideal move would be to call up top prospect Starlin Castro who is hitting .357 for Double A this year.

2) I actually like the move to bring Baker up to the 2 hole.

3) You have to keep Lee in the 3 hole. To easy.

4) Maybe with Ramirez getting moved down to the 5 hole. It will help him start hitting and maybe Nady will show power in the 4 hole.

5) Soriano should stay. Best position in the lineup for him.

7) Soto is hitting the ball and deserves to move up in the lineup.

8) I think the 8 hole is the best poition for Theriot. He can get a hit and then the pitcher puts down a sacrafice bunt.

Those are my thoughts on the new lineup. Lets see what happens in todays game vs. the Mets.

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