Thursday, April 15, 2010

Will Starlin Castro get Called up in 2010...

Every Cubs fan and even me wants to know, will top prospect SS Starlin Castro get the call to come to the majors this year?

Right now Castro is playing for Double A and is batting .356 with 1hr and 7rbi. He is 10-28 in the early season. He also gots 4 stolen bases. If a guys hits like that for some time, lets say a month. Can you still keep him down in the minor league? I say that is not fair for Castro and he should get the call up.

I think he will not be moved up to Triple A Iowa before being called up for the Cubs because they want to give the time to Darwin Barney in Triple A. It will be a Tyler Colvin move where he has still yet to play in Triple A but right now he is in the majors.

I think he gets called up a little bit before the all star game or a little after the all-star game. Or if a starter gets injured Mike Fontenot or Ryan Theriot. I also think either Mike Fontenot or Jeff Baker will be traded to make room for him to get the call.

Even though Mike Fontenot and Ryan Theriot are hitting the ball, his defence can win like 5 more games than what Theriot gives the Cubs. So that will help them make a run to go back to the postseason.

If he is not called up before September, he will be at least be a September call-up but to me that is to late.

Starlin Castro Stats:

So when will he get the call? We just have to wait and see.

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