Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ted Lilly on Another Set Back...

Yesterday it was announce that P Ted Lilly had another setback due to stiffness in his back. That injury has been pothering him for about a week now. He was suppose to pitch a minor league game on Friday but had the back pain and was then suppose to pitch Sunday and the same issue came up.

Before the season started Ted Lilly return date was set for April 19th but with the 2 latest set-backs. I don't think he will return by then. I say he returns anywhere from from the end or April to early May. I think they will take a easy on him until gets fully healthy because the Cubs will be in contention time he comes back.

The good news is, the set-back has nothing to do with him arm.

I guess we just and to wait and see of how everything goes.

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