Monday, April 5, 2010

What I would do after Just 1 Game...

I know it is only 1 game but these have to happen because if they don't it will be a long season. They still can make the playoffs but will make it more sure if they make these moves.

1) Send Jeff Samardzija down or just plain out release him. His trade stock has fallen big time and since he has been a Cub, he has done nothing besides give up runs, walks, walks and more walks. He also can get hit off because he only has 1 pitch and that is a fast ball.

2) Call up top prospect SS Starlin Castro. I know he is probably not ready but I can not stand Ryan Theriot's defence. He is so bad at defence, every time a ball is hit there I never want to watch. He can not throw from short to first, he has no range and routine groundball are not for sure outs. If he does not hit, there is no need for him to play. If Castro got the call, it will improve the defence big time and make the pitchers even better.

Well in this game, the umpires did not help at all. They missed a big play in the outfield where there CF Nate Mcclouth dive for a ball and missed it but the umps call it an out and Ramirez saw the ball hit the ground and stayed at second. But with the umps call it a catch, Ramirez got doubled off. The replay clearly show the ball hitting the ground and the game would of totally have a different outcome. So should there be replays on those calls? I was against that but if this is only the 1st game of the season, I say yes then because this is going to drive me nuts if they keep missing calls like that.

At least in this game, the Cubs bats came alive and were hitting the ball with authority unlike last year where the could not buy a hit. That is why I am looking forward to this season.

I know probably those first 2 steps I would do won't happen but would be nice and should in my opinion.

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