Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bold Predictions for the 2010 Season...

These can happen any time during the 2010 season:

1) OF Kosuke Fukudome is traded before trade deadline.

2) SS Starlin Castro will be starting SS before July.

3) 2B Mike Fontenot is traded in 2 months.

4) P Carlos Zambrano wins 20 games this season.

5) The Cubs have 5+ All-Stars.

6) The Cubs score 900+ runs.

7) The Cubs add a top OF or SP near or at the trade deadline.

8) The Cubs only get 1 starter injured in 2010.

9) Carlos Marmol saves 45+ games in 2010.

10) The Cubs will 90+ games and a divison title in 2010.

Thoughts? I know not all these and probably most will not happen but I hope these all happen.


  1. What about the NL Rookie of the year will be a Cub!

  2. 11) A Cub blog posts 10 predictions... none of which become true.

  3. At least 1 will come true. I don't this a Cub will win ROY because Colvin won't play enough and Castro will come up to late. But If Kosuke is traded, then that could be the ROY.