Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fire LOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not been a Cubs fan to say fire Lou Pinella over the last year or so but now I am getting really pissed at his dumb ass moves he makes during games.

For some reason in the 8th inning of the ball game yesterday he puts John Grabow in the game who is suppose to be the lefty specialist instead of the set-up man Esmalin Caridad who is a better guy to go into that positing. You most likely no already, Grabow gave up a 2-run homer which was the game winner for the Braves and Pinella then put Caridad in for one batter and he struck the batter out.

He does not let Marshall pitch more tham a couple innings when he is the Cubs long reliever. That could of loss them the game on Monday because of not letting Marshall pitch more.

He still is playing Mike Fontenot over Jeff Baker which I think was a mistake. Fontenot make a bid mistake in the field yesterday and can not hit with runners in scoring position.

Kosuke should be the lead off man, Theriot still does not have a hit on the season and that is not good for a leadoff man.

So if Pinella changes this, the Cubs will win lots more games but if he does not he will not be managing pass May. Sandberg new manager.

I guess we just have to wait and see, if he changes stuff up.

Tomorrow I will have: If I was the manager of the Cubs...

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