Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Answers from Yesterdays Post...

If you missed my questions, you can find them here:

1) I do not think Kosuke will hit like he did yesterday because he always starts off hitting and then goes into a majore slump.
2) I do think Big Z will be a 15+ game winner in 2010 because he never pitches good on opening besides last year.
3) I think Byrd will be a good pick up because he is good in the clubhouse, good at defence and puts up average numbers with the bat.
4) I think Smardzija will be in the majors until Lilly returns from the DL and then gets sent down.
5) I don't know if Berg was the right decision but maybe yesterday he was nervous and it got to him. But I think Thomas Diamond could of been a better decision.
6) I do expect the Cubs to keep hitting the ball hard for the whole season. If they do that, Cubs will win the division.
7) I am not big on the Cubs pitching but anything has to be better than waht they did on Monday. If the Cubs are still in the race come the trade deadline, expect Jim Hendry to trade for a pitcher.
8) I do not expect Soriano to slump again and put up the same numbers as he did in 2007.
9) Its Lee, there is no way he has lots of errors. I expect aroung 6 or 7 errors this year.
10) YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS they will. They suck and are only there to get paid not to get the call right.

Those are my answers and I really like them and I hope I am right.

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