Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Castro Should Be...

Castro should be the Cubs leadoff man. I think a lot of Cubs fans will agree with me but here is why I think this move should happen.

Castro has speed and should be the Cubs leadoff man because he is the only one on the team that has that kind of speed.

He is a contact hitter that usually will get a piece on the ball and does not strike out a lot.

He can beat out infield hits like he did today and yesterday.

If he gets on to the start the game, he can steal and get into scoring position for the heart of the order.

I think this move can jump start the offence and win more games. Then the NL Central will be the Cubs once again. YAY!

Thoughts on if that would be a good move and by what I said as reasons?

Tommorow I will have what I think the Cubs starting lineup should be.


  1. I agree that Castro will eventually be the lead-off hitter for the Cubs, but I think it is wise to give him some experience in the big leagues before putting him in that spot. He needs to settle in and get adjusted to the level of competition before you put that added pressure on him.

  2. Yeah I do think he is to young but to me, it was an idea to maybe shake up the lineup ans maybe he can jump start the offence. It was just an idea to maybe get a guy in scring poition before the heart of the order.