Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Lineup, I would like the See...

This is the lineup I would like to see now or maybe down the road. With inexperience players in the places that they may not be ready for. I will have the number in the batting order and why I think they should bat right there. It will go in order, 1-8.

1) SS Startlin Castro: A lot of people may think he is to young and is too much of an aggressive swinger but could this be the shakeup in the Cubs lineup? He gets a piece of the ball almost every time, has speed and can out beat infield singles. Too me, he has everything in a leadoff man and I would like to see him in the one hole. It doesn't hurt to try. Maybe with him being in the one hole, he will take more pitches and more walks with the help of Rudy. I don't see this move happening now but I do see it happening sometime this season.

2) RF Kosuke Fukudome: I think this is the ideal position in the order. He usually gets contact with the ball and if the number 1 hitter can get on base. He can lay down a bunt or get the guy to 2nd. Also he's a good hit in run candidate. As of right now, he is getting on base with a .300 average and takes walks like a 2 hitter should.

3) CF Marlon Byrd: He has hit anywhere from 1st-6th in the order. I think the 3 hole is a good spot for him because he is getting on base regularly and has average power like a 3 hitter does. He also runs good for a big guy and one hell of a baserunner. A way better addition than Bradley, well duh. He is hitting in the 3 hole right now and should just leave it alone for now.

4) 1B Derrek Lee: He is definitely not a clean up hitter because he does not have a lot of power or he is not showing it this year like he did last year. But when Pinella move him the the 4 hole, he started to hit. 2 doubles on Tuesday and 2 singles on Wednesday. If a guy is hitting the ball why change him in the order that is just dumb. But if he starts not to hit, switch him with Byrd.

5) 3B Aramis Ramirez: I know you are probably like NO, not hitting, should be 8th or something but he does have power and on one swing he can hit the ball over the wall in the outfield. Over the last week or so he has hit the ball with more authority and has had better at-bats. Batting 5th could jump start him and get back to his old form.

6) LF Alfonso Soriano: This is the most obvious choice in the lineup. He has been the 6th hitter pretty much all season and has exceed in this spot. When he was move to the 5 hole, he struck out 2 times, swung at those sliders and went 0-4. So he should stay right here and he will be good. He will stay here too.

7) C Geovany Soto: He probably should be higher in the order but the last couple games, he has not look so great like earlier in the season. But I think he will be fine and keep hitting the ball like he is right now. I think he could move up to the 5 hole if Ramirez keeps struggling and Ramirez would move to the 7 hole but that is still weeks away if that would to happen.

8) 2B Ryan Theriot: Too me this is the best spot in the order for him, he is leading the league in singles. He can get a hit and then the pitcher lays down a bunt. Then you have a guy at 2nd for the beginning of the lineup. He also exceeds here better than any other number in the order.

Like I said above, this will not happen right away but I can see this at least one time this season.



  1. How about this:

    As I recall, Fukudome was a #3 hitter in Japan. And, you simply can't afford to put a .159 hitter (Ramirez) anywhere near the guys who ARE getting on base --- it's a rally killer. But I also think that somebody else needs to play 3B until we find out what's eating at A-Ram ...

  2. I'm not a big fan of Kosuke in the 3 hole and I know Pinella won't do that. Maybe moving Ramirez down in the order could help but I will wait a couple of weeks to see what happens. You have to play Ramirez, not sit him, it won't hwlp him. But I love that you have Castro leading off. Other than that, not a bad lineup.

  3. OK, but we're already at the 22% point of the season --- how much longer are we supposed to watch A-Ram "self-medicate"? Remember the old adage: "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client." I'm seeing signs of Lee getting it together; I'm NOT seeing any improvement in A-Ram. I think it's time for some "tough love".

  4. I like your line-up. Even though Lee and Aramis are back to back. They seem to be hitting a little better. I think this would be a good strategy if the kid could handle the pressure of leading off and Theriot wouldn't mind being at the bottom of the order. I'd be happy if Lou would just pick something and stay with it for the next few games.

  5. I know the Cubs are into a chunck of the season but ARAM has look better and better. Look at yesterday so maybe he is coming around. Hopefully!