Sunday, May 23, 2010

What to do with Grabow...

As everybody knows. relief pitcher John Grabow has look awful so far this season. It seems like he is throwing a beach ball to home plate because he is getting hit so easily and giving up a run in every game he pitches. The run usually comes after he walks a batter which occurs every game also.

John Grabow came over in the trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates on July 30th of last year. He came over with current 5th starter Tom Gorzellany. Last year he was pretty good, better than Gorzelanny but this year Gorzelanny has out match him by a long shot.

Stats with the Cubs:
In 2009: He pitched 72.1 innings giving up 27 earned runs and 40 walks while posting a 3.36era.
In 2010: He pitched 16 innings giving up 15 earned runs and 10 walks while posting a 8.44era.

So looking at the stats from this year to last year he is giving up a run a inning but he still walks a lot of batters.

Going into the season, Grabow was expected be the lefty 8th inning guy along with Angel Guzman and Esmalin Caridad (who are both on the DL). Now lefty Sean Marshall is the 8th inning guy along with Carlos Zambrano (kind of but not for long).

Starting on opening day, Grabow was the only pitcher in his 30's to be in the bullpen and Pinella will have faith in him because he is a veteran but that has not been the case. Pinella has lost faith in him every outing he makes and now will not come into a lot of close games.

Did the Cubs sign Bob Howry to take his spot? I don't think they did, I think they wanted a cheaper upgrade that wouldn't cost much (signed him for 410,000) and another veteran in the bullpen. Will he do better than Grabow? He can't do worse and I say he does and surprise all Cubs fans. That could be hope but who knows.

Will the Cubs DFA or release RP John Grabow? There is no way! The Cubs will not release him because he has 7 million left his contract and he is a veteran. If the Cubs did DFA him, no one will claim him because of his 2 years 7 million contract.

Verdict: Like I said, there is no way he is going to be release so if that is the case I would put him in blowout games for either side and see if he can get back to pitching perfect 1 innings. If he does that, pith him in more important games and go like that. But I do think there is a chance Howry will take over the spot he has pitch all season besides Grabow being a lefty specialist.

I guess we should just wait and see how he pitches in the next upcoming weeks. I hope for the best because the Cubs need him in the weak bullpen.

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