Friday, May 7, 2010

Starlin Castro to the Show...

Finally! This is probably a delayed move but the Cubs called up 20 year old SS Starlin Castro from Double A. The Cubs will move Ryan Theriot to 2B. In responding move to the call-up, the Cubs sent down Chad Tracy.

The reason I think Tracy was sent down is Mike Fontenot and Jeff Baker are out of options. And until they can trade one of them, Tracy will be in the minors. I would rather keep Baker but lets see what Hendry does. I think one of them will be traded shortly.

I love this move, I wanted to see him out of spring training but needed more time in the minors. He is a way better defender than Theriot at SS and will hit arong what Theriot hits or even better. Castro is in today's lineup batting 8th and so is Theriot playing 2B and batting 1st.

In other moves, the Cubs promoted top pitching prospect Andrew Cashner to Triple A and 2nd best prospect Josh Vitters to Double A. Good to see this!

Lets see what happens tonight against the Reds.


  1. You called it. What a game! Can't believe Fonty hit a homer too. I hate to say it but I think Baker will be traded.

  2. I knew it was coming. But like you said, Bakerr is now the odd man out. Member 2 years ago when Fontenot was just in utilty role, he was amazing and the best? I think this move will be the best for him and the Cubs.

  3. Maybe, but I still like Baker as a player. I definitely want to see the Cubs win the division this year. We can only hope.

  4. Right now there is no way we are going to win because Pinella makes dumb moves. Like yesterday, using Nady in the OF instead of Colvin. Did not get that. Also taking Theriot out for Fontenot. I know Castro is young and inexpierence but he needs to be our leadoff man. He has speed and the Cubs can finally steal.

  5. He's still into that lefty/righty strategy. He put Nady in to face a left-handed pitcher.
    I think he's trying to keep everybody happy by
    throwing them a bone every once in a while. I just wish he would pick a good line-up and stick with it for 4-5 games.