Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who Gets Sent Down...

As we all know this by now, the Cubs are going to call-up top pitching prospects Andrew Cashner (top pitching prospect and third best prospect out all Cubs prospects) or Jay Jackson. As of right now, it has to be Andrew Cashner because he was just sent to the bullpen in Triple A Iowa to get ready for this call-up. And Jay Jackson took Cashner's spot in the rotation. So why would you call-up Jackson if he is not in the bullpen and in the starting rotation? They wouldn't, so this is pretty much an obvious choice of who is getting called up on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

According to sources close to the Cubs, Andrew Cashner will be getting the call. As for me, I do not like that move because they wanted Cashner to be a starter and only a stater. But now he is going to the bullpen and I am afraid if they keep switching him from relief to starter it will mess him up. But I hope not. The good thing is, Cashner was the closer for TCU and became a starter and he was good in both roles.

The better question would be, who gets sent down or release-DFA? Right now, if everything goes to plan Tom Gorzelanny will go to the bullpen and then the Cubs will have 4 lefties (Grabow, Marshall, Russell and Gorzelanny) and 3 righties (Marmol, Howry, and Stevens or Cashner). 4 lefties in the pen will be disaster and will not work out. You always need more righties in the pen. That could change plans if they sent Wells to the pen after his crappy outing on Friday (5er, 6 hits and did not even record an out). If that were to happen, no doubt in my mind Stevens will be sent down even when he has pitched pretty good this year so far.

Let's just go with that they send Gorzlennay to the pen. What do they do? I have absolutely no clue and can't wait to see what they do. Gorzelanny and Marshall can't be sent down because they have no options and will have to clear waivers first and that won't happen. Russell has pitched way to good to be send and probably has been the Cubs 3rd best relief pitcher this year. Then it leaves Grabow, I wish the Cubs will just release him or DFA him, he is not helping the Cubs he is and losing way more games than winning. We probably all know, he won't be release he is making to much money (2 years at 7 million) and he is a veteran. But this is the only move that makes sense.

Also could there be a trade on the way? I say no because there is nothing out there.

I can say this, it will be an interesting decision that will be made in the next upcoming days. And only can wait and see.

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