Saturday, May 15, 2010

Really Theriot...

To start off with, I am not a Theriot hater but he is starting to bug me with his at-bats. I know over the past week, I want Castro to become the leadoff man. But people and the Cubs coaching staff thinks he is to young and to much of an aggressive swinger. But what is Theriot doing now that Castro wouldn't do?

During yesterdays game in back-to-back at-bats Ryan Theriot swung at the first pitch on both at-bats and hits a soft grounder to one of the infielders. He really has no speed to beat those outs and there goes 1 out on the scoreboard.

A leadoff man is suppose to take pitches for the batters after you to see what the pitcher is throwing and make contact with the ball. Like today with a man on third base with 1 out, Theriot strikes out and that pretty much put the game away.

So what would Castro do different? To me a lot, he is actually taking pitches and walks. Now with the Cubs not winning, why won't you switch Castro to the leadoff spot and Theriot to the 8th spot? I can say this, I would make that move in a heart beat but I would of done it a week ago.

Since Theriot switch positions from shortstop to second base, he has hit for a low average and has had a hard time getting on base. So could that be why he is not hitting? As I can see it, that would be my guess but who knows. Maybe he will start getting on base way more and this move does not have to happen but right now it does.

Will this move happen soon or ever? Only time will tell!

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