Monday, May 10, 2010

Will Mike Fontenot be Traded...

The question that keeps popping up in every Cubs fan mind is, will Mike Fontenot be traded. Mike Fontenot was recently benched for 20 year old SS Starlin Castro who was called up on Friday to be the Cubs everyday SS. With that move, the Cubs moved Ryan Theriot to 2B to take over Fontenot's job. Now Foentenot will be used in the pinch hitter role and the utility role.

According to multiple reports, Fontenot was not happy with the benching and could of ask his agent to demand a trade but that is not known. I think he didn't but no one will know. Fontenot was not even hitting that bad but they need a change and this was the obvious move in Jim Hendry's eyes.

Also another person who has not been mention yet and lost more playing time than Fontenot is Jeff Baker. Baker was used in the utility before the Castro call-up but now is the backup 3B and the backup utility. There is no need for both on the team and one needs to go so the Cubs can call Tracy up. The Cubs can't send down Baker or Fontenot because they are out of options. If they did want to send one of them down, they will have to pass through waivers and I don't expect either of them to pass waivers. They are both good players to have in the utility role and could be a valuable asset to the bench of pretty much every team.

I can imagine that both are being shop and not just one. I think the Cubs will either get a player to be named later or cash considerations in a trade for either Baker or Fontenot.

Let's break it down: Fontenot or Baker. How they can help in different ways.

Mike Fontenot: He is a lefty off the bench and that is always good to have. And 2 years ago before being named starter, he was good in the utility role and I think this is the best spot for him.

Jeff Baker: He can play 1B, 2B, 3B, RF and LF. And probably SS and CF if he was ask too. He is also younger than Fontenot and brings a better attitude in my opinion.

I think Baker would be the one to be traded because Theriot was Fontenot's LSU Tiger team mate and they wouldn't want to spit them up and Fontenot is a lefty. But If I had to chose one, I pick Baker because he is younger, entering his prime and has more versatility than Fontenot.

Also when one of them are traded, Chad Tracy will be called up to be Ramirez's backup again. And that is the right move in my mind.

MLB Trade Rumors had a post on this: Will Fontenot Become Trade Bait for the Cubs.

So who do you think will be traded? Fontenot or Baker?

We just have to wait and see what Jim Hendry does.