Sunday, May 2, 2010

What to do with ARAM...

As every true Cubs fan should know is that 3B Aramis Ramirez is struggling really bad. Ideas that may help him get out of his funk:

Reasons I think he is struggling right now, he missed over half the season last year and he missed half of spring training. These should not be excuses when you are 20+ games into the regular season. But as I can see, his timing just looks a little off. He also keeps pulling his head and not looking the ball all the way into his bat.

Ideas to maybe start him hitting:

1) You can bench him for 3-4 days and play Tracy during that time. Then Ramirez and Rudy can get to the batting cage or to the field early to starting working on him trying to get back to old Ramirez form.

2) You can put him on the 15 DL and play Tracy and/or during that time. This can help him in 2 reasons; 1) Maybe get his head mentally straight forward, 2) He can go on a rehab outing and try and hit against live pitching. In Triple A where the pitchers there can be close to the majors or got sent down from the majors.

3) My last idea, just keep playing him and hope he starts hitting. There have been signs of him starting to hit the ball hard but he is still striking out an unusual tons of times.

What should Lou and even Hendry do, any of these ideas or will they have something of there own up there sleeve?

Lets see what happens with Ramirez today or after the off day. Maybe the off day on Monday will help. Hopefully!

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