Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What to do with Pinella..

After yesterdays lost vs the Pirates in back-to-back days, I started to think of "what to do with Pinella". In the game yesterday, I question some of Pinella moves that could of cost the Cubs the game. Here is what I don't like about Pinella right now and why I think it is time for a change:

1) Why would you move Alfonso Soriano from the 6th spot to the 5th spot when he is red hot. And in today's game, Soriano strikes out 2 times and swung at pitches he has not been swinging at. I did not like the move before or after the game. I think Soriano has to be moved back to the 6th spot.

2) The pinch-hitter for the pitcher. When Pinella used Tracy as the pinch-hitter, I was like "why" when you have Colvin, Nady. Baker, and Soto. I thought it would and should of been Colvin because he can get on base, he has speed and power. My ranking of who to use in that spot was: Colvin, Nady, Baker, Tracy and Soto (just because he was the back-up catcher).

3) Some moves that he makes through out the season and I don't like. He does the lefty-lefty match up and the righty-righty match up. Like what example is, Marshall is pitching great but a righty comes up and he takes him out and the next batter hits the pitcher hard.

Reviewing: If the Cubs keep playing like this, Pinella will be gone eventually. If that happens, I give it around a month. And the Cubs call up Ryne Sandberg to be there new manager.

In my own opinion, I think the Cubs need a new voice in the locker room and a coach with more fire in him. Also a new coach with new moves on they way to set up the team. It looks like to me, that Pinella does not care anymore.

I guess time will only tell.

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