Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trade SP for RP...

As we all know, the Cubs bullpen needs help badly as they are almost in last in relief pitching. They need help outside of Marshall, Marmol and sometimes Russell. But guys like Grabow and Howry are just plain awful this year. Then you have guys like Stevens who have rarely pitched since being called up and Gorzelanny who has not pitched out of the bullpen yet. So it could be "still determined".

If you haven't figure it out yet, the title means "trade starting pitching for relief pitching". The name that sticks out is Tom Gorzelanny who was moved to the bullpen according to reports. This will leave a spot open for Carlos Zambrano was is expected to join the rotation in Pittsburgh next week.

Also according to multiple reports the Cubs will eventually shop Gorzlelanny but are not right now. In these same reports, it says the Cubs will shop Gorzo for relief help. And who wouldn't trade an average relief pitcher for a guy who can pitch as a starter and out of the bullpen. And get the job done no matter where he pitches. His stats are also pretty good this year and can help any team out.

So that is why I think Tom Gorzelany will be the starting pitcher to be traded for relief help if any pitcher is traded. I think Gorzelanny can be traded straight up for an average relief pitcher but maybe if the Cubs add another piece they can get a better relief pitcher. But, however there is like no one available because the baseball season is only in May and from now till the deadline teams can crawl back into contention and fall out of contention. So players might be taken off the trade black and might be added depending on the teams life to make the playoffs.

As of right now I have no clue who is available for the Cubs to go after and who will want Gorzelanny right now. So we will just have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming weeks or months. But I do expect there to be interest in Gorzo and also who the Cubs have interest in.

Other pitchers that could be made available come the trade deadline and could be available now. Those players are Lilly because he is a free agent after the year and if the Cubs won't make the playoffs there is not point to hold onto him if they won't re-sign him after the season. The other player is Carlos Zambrano (aka Big Z) but the two things that might handcuffed the Cubs is his NTC and his untractable contract. I mean he is still young at 28 and I think he has lots of potential left in him. If the Cubs payed majority of his contract, they can get something for Big Z if he waives his NTC. That is what I think.

So will Gorzelanny be traded for relief help? I say yes with all the indications from the media but I don't believe Zambrano or Lilly will be traded.

Over the weekend on either Saturday or Sunday, I will have an article on "Send down Colvin". I know that sounds stupid but I will have backing and why I think that. So don't be like WTF or WTH are you talking about.

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