Monday, May 17, 2010

Is D-Lee Being Shoped...

As the Cubs continue to struggle, will they try and unload there all-star 1B Derek Lee. Well according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, the Cubs are willing to trade Lee. That is according to MLB executives. This is also coming out of Boston where the Red Sox have been looking for a 1B for the last year or so. With trades falling for Padres 1B Adrian Gonzalez (Gonzo) and Brewers 1B Price Fielder. Now could they have interest in Cubs 1B Derrek Lee? As of right now, I say no because Lee has been struggling and I highly doubt they want to take on the 13 million left on his contract. When they are pretty much not in contention right now but that can change in the next month. When the deadline gets closer.

If I was GM Jim Hendry and the Cubs organization, I would wait on a trade because he is starting to get out of his hitting funk, he is a good clubhouse guy, a gold glove 1B and right now, the won't get much in return.

Hold ups that could hurt a trade for Derrek Lee is that he has a no trade cause and he said he wants to end his career in Chicago. And may not waiver his cause to another team. Also new owner-chairman Tom Ricketts loves Derrek Lee as a player and as a guy and probably does not want Lee to leave. But sign an extension to end his career in Chicago.

Also if Lee is traded, who plays 1B. It would be Xavier Nady but he is not an upgrade over Lee and a big down grade. They also don't have a good 1B prospect in the minors. Unless the speculation of 3B Josh Vitters will move to 1B. That is it then.

Member this, the Cubs are only 5.5 games back of first place and one win streak can put the Cubs in first or close. And I can see that happening soon.

So do you think the Cubs will trade Lee anytime soon or before the deadline? I say no because of the above reasons. Also I won't be happy because he is my favorite Cub but if he did get traded, I would switch my attention to 20 year old SS Starlin Castro as my favorite Cub.


  1. I doubt it, seems like you are probably right about the performace questions...however, I think it would be much more difficult selling Rami right now. Lee's NTC can be broken by Lee, I don't see him as unhappy enough in the Cubs lineup to break away, but that's easy enough for me to assess from an arm-chair, isn't it? I say 'no.'

  2. I agree with you that Lee will be here when the season ends.