Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bradley Deal Getting Closer and Other Notes Heading Into the Winter Mettings...

According to Bruce Levine, Milton Bradley will be gone time the Winter Meetings is over on Thursday. He predicts the Rays get Bradley, Mets get Pat Burrell and the Cubs get Luis Castilla in a 3 way deal. He also mentions that a 4th team may get involve to get the money figured out. If the Cubs do end up trading Bradley and getting Castilla in return, they would of solved 2 problems in 1 trade. 1 problem would be they traded Bradley, that they have been trying to do since September and 2nd, they get a 2B in returnwhich they really need. I say he would be traded in that 3 way trade in the earlier days of the Winter Meetings so Jim Hendry can work on

Other News:

The Cubs like Mike Cameron a lot and are planning on meeting with him in Indy to talk about a 1 year deal to be the Cubs CF in 2010. If he asks for to much, the Cubs will move on to plan B and that is Rick Ankiel. I do not care which one the Cubs sign because they are both good at defense but not really good at hitting. I would sign the cheaper one and I think that could be completed at the Winter Meetings depending on the Bradley trade. In the same report, it says the Cubs like Marlon Byrd but he is to expensive for the Cubs.

Bruce Levine said the Cubs would offer contracts to all arbitration eligible players. This list consists of Tom Gorzelanny, Carlos Marmol, Angel Guzman, Sean Marshall, Mike Fontenot and Neal Cotts. I do not agree with that because Fontenot and Cotts should be non-tendered. They do not deserve making million but I expect Fontenot to be traded.

Yesterday I posted that the Cubs are interested in pitcher Vincente Padilla but Cubs officials shot that rumor down. I am happy because Padilla is not a good clubhouse guy and a overrated pitcher. He will also probably make to much money.

I will keep you posted.

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