Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cubs Trying to Strike Quick Deal with Byrd and Capps...

Gordon Wittnymer of the Sun-times said he is hearing from his sources that the Cubs are trying to strike a quick deal with outfielder Marlon Byrd and relief pitcher Matt Capps. I wrote on here yesterday that the Cubs are close to signing Marlon Byrd but Fox sports reported that the Cubs are not close to signing a outfielder. Just to note the night before Bradley was traded, they said the Cubs are not close to trading Bradley.

I do think the Cubs need to sign Byrd or Ankiel because another option is off the board with Coco Crip signing with the Athletics I think the Cubs want to sign an CF before Christmas on Friday so Jim Hendry can take a day off of work.

Wittnymer also said the Cubs could be moving fast to signing RP Matt Capps. It is belief to be a 2 year deal. I like Capps because he can pitcher and is young being only 26 years old. I have wrote about him on here before too.

Side Note: The Cubs are still in the mix for 21 year old Cuban Defector Aroldis Chapman. The Red Sox and Marlins offered a him a deal but for less that he wants. The Cubs could offer 4 years worth 18 million and he could accept. I think he will either sign with the Red Soc and Yankees.

I will kep you posted.

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