Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cubs Close to Signing Marlon Byrd

According to Evan Grant of Dallas news, he is hearing that the Cubs are close to signing outfielder Marlon Byrd. It is believe to be a 2 year contract but no one knows for how much. Marlon Byrd had his best season in 2009 posting a .283 batting average with 20HR and 89rbi in 547 at-bats. Not to mention he is 31 years old, not that old for baseball.

Like I mention on here before, Byrd as the same agent as recent departed Milton Bradley. Also if Byrd does not with the Cubs he will be reunited with his old hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. Jaramillo help Byrd have the best seaosn of his career and hopes to remain with the same year.

I think Byrd will sign with the Cubs when everything is said and done to a 2 year contract worth 10-12 million. I think that will be to much but it is Hendry who likes ot overpay for players but it will allow the Cubs to me Fukudome back to right.

Side Note: The Cubs are expected to offer Matt Capps a contract in the next couple days. I like that move and I hope he is in Cubbie blue next season.

I will keep you posted as the Bradley rumors are finally dead.


  1. that grant reports seems to be speculation on his part,

    As Fox Sports reported reported within the past two hours that the Cubs are not close with any CF.

  2. Yah I screwed up on the HR, I know that the Fox sports sais that nothing is close but the night before Bradley was traded, they said nothing was close.