Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cubs Top 10 Prospects by Fangraphs...

Baseball America has there top 10 prospects in the beginning of the year and now Fangraphs has theres:

Fangraphs 10 top: They never put Cubs draft picks in top 10 this year.

1.Andrew Cashner - RHP
2.Starlin Castro - SS
3.Josh Vitters - 3B
4.Hak-Ju Lee - SS
5.Jay Jackson - RHP
6.Chris Carpenter - RHP
7.Ryan Flaherty - INF
8.Dae-Eun Rhee - RHP
9.Logan Watkins - 2B
10.John Gaub - LHP

They had to say this: "There is definitely some excitement starting to build in the system. There are interesting names at the top of the list, as well as some sleepers sprinkled throughout the system, many of whom did not fit in the Top 10, which is a very nice thing to see for the Cubs. The organization certainly has a lot of depth in the middle infielder, but many of the arms are unproven and, in some cases, rather brittle."

For the Hell of it, here is Baseball America Top 10 prospects:

1.Starlin Castro - SS
2.Brett Jackson - OF
3.Josh Vitters - 3B
4.Andrew Cashner - RHP
5.Jay Jackson - RHP
6.Hak-Ju Lee - SS
7.Logan Watkins - 2B
8.Chris Carpenter - RHP
9.Ryan Flaherty - IF
10.D.J. LeMahieu - SS-2B

There is little excitement now in the farm system and now we also can see what they might be able to do.

I will keep you posted as the rumors are slow for right now.

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