Monday, December 21, 2009

Yankees Interested in Big Z, No Truth to it

It was reported today that the Yankees have inquire on pitcher Carlos Zambrano aka Big Z. But after that, the report was shot down by writer Bruce Levine and Carlos Zambrano's agent, saying the Cubs have not contacted me or Zambrano about waiving his not trade cause nor is he (Zambrano) interested in waiving his no trade cause.

Reasons I think Zambrano will not waive his no trade cause are: First he will not be able to hit in the AL because of the DH. We all know Zambrano loves to hit and he is pretty good. Second, Zambrano wont be the ace of the staff and could be the 3 or 4th starter behind Sabathia, Burnett and maybe Pettite.

Players that the Cubs could be interested are center fielders Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner and second baseman Robinson Cano. All these names have been mention that the Cubs could be interested in the last couple months.

In my opinion I will miss Big Z because I love his attitude and his hitting styles. I am pretty much 100% positive Zambrano will be the Cubs opening day starter.

I will keep you posted.

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