Monday, November 9, 2009

GM Meetings Day 1 Recap...

Gordon Wittnymer stated today that his reliable source said that 3 more teams contacted the Cubs about Milton Bradley. So far we know that the Rangers, Giants, Rays, Blue Jays and the Padres had said they have interest in Bradley. The 3 teams that could have contacted the Cubs about Bradley could be the Red Sox (if know they can't get Holliday or resign Bay), Indains, Marlins and the Diamondbacks (a trade for Byrnes). Those are some other teams that possibly contacted the Cubs about Bradley.

Paul Sullivan in his latest post listed the 3 needs the Cubs moistly need are a leadoff hitter, center fielder, and a middle infielder but Bradley has to be gone first. First lets see who the Cubs could get as a leadoff hitter: Chone Figgins, that is pretty much the only fast guy in free agency this year. They might have to look for a leadoff hitter via trade. Second Center fielder: Aaron Rowand (Bradley trade), Rick Ankiel, Mike Cameron. Finally a middle infielder: Marco Scutaro, Miguel Tejada, Olando Cabrera and Olando Hudson. The Cubs will probably move Theriot to second if they acquire a SS via trade or free agency or matter what to get ready for Starlin Castro.

Bruce Miles reports the Cubs could be players in the Roy Halladay derby along with the Angels and Dodgers. He said the Cubs could package a deal with Milton Bradley in the deal (The Jays are said the have interest in Bradley). The Cubs could maybe trade Bradley, Fox, Cashner, Camp and Parker (player in rising star game). If the Cubs make the trade without trading Jay Jackson, Josh Vitters and Starlin Castro it will be a steal. Then at the trading deadline the Cubs can try and trade Halladay for more players in return who desperately need pitching because Halladay will be a free agent after that season.

MLBTR owner Tim Dierkes post the top 50 free agents and he said the Cubs will sign RP Billy Wagner and I really don't see that happening because of his age.

Baseball Prospectus floated a rumor that the Cubs are asking teams if they want 2008 rookie of hte year Geovany Soto who had a down season in 2009. I would only trade Soto if you can get 2 pretty good prospects or 3 prospects that could make the majors. Because the Cubs catcher Welmington Castilla who is in Double A is moving up the Cubs minor league system. It is said that he is a good defensive catcher but still needs more work on his hitting. This same report mention the Cubs will still listen to offers on Carlos Zambrano but will have to be overwhelmed to trade him. They will have to get offers like what Halladay was getting and what the Indians got for Cliff Lee.

Jim Hendry had to say this: ''I think you'll see a lot of that,'' Hendry said. ''At the same time, I think the free-agent world will be a patient market like it ended up being last year, and some good players will probably be available as the winter progresses. We'll be looking to trade some pieces to get some pieces.''

This was the recap of GM meetings on Day 1 and this was the day that the GM's just come get caught up and start the work tomorrow. The GM meeting goes through Wednesday and I will keep you posted as Milton Bradley could be traded soon.

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