Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recap of Levine Chat...

I will write down what I thought was interesting and my take on it:

1) The Cubs love Reed Johnson heart but they don't know to bring him back because of his back.

1) I say let Johnson walk and play the younger guys who are in the minors.

2) The likely scenario than Levine sees for Bradley in to the Rays for Burrell.

2) I don' think that will be a good trade and I would rather trade him for a low end prospect.

3) Levine thinks the Cubs will sign Derrek Lee to an extension before the 2010 season and Ted Lilly to an extension in the 2010 season who are both free agents after that season.

3) I am up for locking them both up.

4) Levine thinks Hoffpauir is just a pinch hitter in the majors.

4) I agree 100% with him.

5) Mike Cameron is going to be the Cubs back up plan if there other plans fail.

5) I hope he is like 10 on therelist.

6) The Cubs have discussed Rick Ankiel to play CF next year. They like his defense and durability.

6) I say stay away from him because he strikes out way to many times and hits a low average.

Other Note: Arizona Governor and Mesa officials made pitch to keep the Cubs spring training in Mesa. Via twitter by Crrie Muskat.

I will keep you posted.

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