Monday, November 16, 2009

Jim Callis: Updated Cubs Top 10 Prospects...

It was updated as of November 16th (today).

1) Starlin Castro-SS
2) Brett Jackson-OF
3) Josh Vitters-3B
4) Andrew Cashner-RHP
5) Jay Jackson-RHP
6) Hak-Ju Lee-SS
7) Logan Watkins-2B
8) Chris Carpetner-RHP
9) Ryan Flaherty-IF
10) DJ DeMahieu-2B

A look at the Cubs top 5 prospects:

*Castro is an upcoming star and is only 19 years old, Bruce Levine thinks he can be on the roster after the all-star next year.
*Brett Jackson was the Cubs 2009 first round pick, 31st overall.
*Josh Vitters is 20 years old and was the number 1 prospect last year.
*Andrew Cashner had surgery on his arm and looks healthy as ever
*Jay Jackson is 20 years old and scouts say he has 1 of the best breaking balls with a fastball in the mid 90's.

Chris Carpetner and Hak-Ju Lee could be players to go over to Detroit if the Cubs make a trade for Granderson, Levine thinks Vitters could also be in the deal. Levine also said the Cubs will not trade Castro, Jackson or Cashner in a deal for Granderson.

Last years top 10 prospects:

1. Josh Vitters-3b
2. Jeff Samardzija-rhp
3. Andrew Cashner-rhp
4. Dae-Eun Rhee-rhp
5. Wellington Castillo-c
6. Kevin Hart-rhp
7. Starlin Castro-ss/2b
8. Ryan Flaherty-ss
9. Jay Jackson-rhp
10. Hak-Ju Lee-ss

Hart was traded to the Pirates in the Grabow trade so he was obviously dropped, Samardzija is not a prospect no more, Castilla and Rhee dropped out and every other one is still in the top 10.

I will keep you posted on everything Cubs.

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